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If you believe in yourself, we believe in you.

QMP looks to enable its individuals and the organisation to chase after greatness.

We look to instil a sense of creativity and greatness in every person, with an undying thirst to achieve more. Through an unwavering commitment towards our clients, imbibed with a diverse workforce, we've assured QMP has a perfect blend of an all-inclusive culture.

Our diverse workforce helps us understand our strengths and enables us to acquire a positive leverage over it.

At QMP, our talented pool of people from various parts of the country ranging from different backgrounds is, the fuel, the je ne sais quoi so to speak of that keeps the engine running and the creative clock ticking.

Our scope to grow is exponential. Understanding our culture, ethic and integration of the services provided proves for a great career and learning opportunity.

We believe in creative freedom, this is essential to our long term success. We always have our doors open to anyone, ensuring an easy flow of communication and a great work atmosphere.

Our employee resource group


Facilitating a LGBTQ friendly environment. QMP focuses on company policies and the perfect working environment for everyone. We provide support and an array of networking and working opportunities for our employees, simultaneously promoting activities within that raise awareness about our LGBT community.


QMP strongly believes in diversity. We believe it is a formula that is inversely proportional to produce greater innovation, out of the box thinking, and overall better ideas. With this in mind, we look to provide better business opportunities for women in today's day and age.