Tomorrow's thinking for today's brands.

We drive impact by connecting the dots between strategy and implementation. We combine a full range of growth metrics like marketing, innovation, digital and design. We use our deep analytical skills to make the right connection between consumer behavior and business demand.

A brand must inspire how people feel, influence and compel them to act. Our brand consulting services include:

Brand design

We help our clients discover innovative techniques to nurture their brands. It is at the house of QMP, where the confluence of strategy and design come together seamlessly to create magic for your brand.

Brand positioning

Applying unique solutions through effective and captivating designs which are underpinned by conceptual thinking. Constructing an organised system through which we find a window to the minds of your consumers and their requirements. This helps us find exactly what your brand needs and where it has to be positioned in the given market.

Brand Marketing

With years of experience QMP is no stranger to the practices of marketing. Our approach to managing and marketing is unprecedented, all the way from its nucleus to how we execute.
We understand our clients before we deliver exactly what it is they are looking for. Our ability to put ourselves in our client's shoes sets us apart from the rest, making us effective.

Brand Management

At QMP we enable and ensure that your brand is handled in all aspects, be it intangible or tangible characteristics. When it comes to product brands, and the product itself, QMP brings across a blend of the right marketing campaigns to create and reinforce your identity until you're ultimately left with a brand that is able to break through the noise and create a brand which is rich in character and quality.

Brand Activation

QMP gives your brand the activation it requires in order to tackle and conquer all hurdles, not simply by looking through the lens of one initiative or event, but a detailed and conclusive study. We help strategize on on-going processes and exactly how to keep your brand visible, relevant and reflective of the values it holds.

Does your Brand tell the right story to your stakeholders?

We've mastered the art of brand building and worked with some of the top brands around the world by helping our clients discover innovative techniques to nurture their brands. We understand that a relevant, well-positioned brand is one that is alive, impatient and determinedly moving forward through innovation in its offerings, experience, content, messaging and alignment with competitive brands.