Tomorrows thinking for todays brands.

We drive impact by connecting the dots between strategy and implementation. We combine a full range of growth metrics like marketing, innovation, digital and design. We use our deep analytical skills to make the right connection between consumer behavior and business demand.

We have fresh and exciting ways to create memorable, high-impact Designs. Our design servies are elaborate:

Product designs

Who hasn't dreamed of having the perfect design that compels the audience to understand the story of the desired product to perfection? However a story is just one aspect to the ultimate product design. A niche and contemporary avatar with the brands image are all important aspects that we integrate into every design that we create. QMP puts the best use of its in-house creative and technical abilities to give you the ultimate in product design and thinking.

Kiosk & POS designs

QMP always looks to provide an elevated quality of service and a valued competitive analysis. As Kiosk design managers we look to change the way you interact within your environment and respective mediums. With the digital age at our fingertips, we provide graphical displays at all kiosks. With a rich design, and an interactive ability, we're always looking to extend the reach of our clients towards their clients.

Visual identity

QMP understands the values your business requires to build a strong visual identity. Keeping it concise and professional with its imagery, ensuring your brand corresponds to your position and the story you are trying to tell your customers. With the help of our creative team-designers and an analytic team, we conduct a methodological survey that helps best represent your visual identity. All of this finally translates to better value for money and an evident vertical movement for your brand.

Stalls & Events

When you decide to go with QMP, what we promise you is your brand will get that second look. Simply put? QMP offers you an array of ideas and events that brings the most value to your enterprise. All stalls and events are crafted and tailor-made to suit exactly what you require, whilst staying trendy, niche, current and consciously never deviating from your brands original flavour and identity.

3D stage designs

Bringing value and creativity to your business always goes a long way. New technology has enabled us to look beyond simple stages, in turn revolutionizing the way we conduct and host our events. From conferences to fashion shows and product launches, we'll show you exactly what your event would look like! QMP delivers as promised and your event is catered to your precise detail and precision. Seamlessly integrating everything that is melodious and harmonious to give you an unforgettable experience.

Does your Brand tell the right story to your stakeholders?

We've mastered the art of brand building and worked with some of the top brands around the world by helping our clients discover innovative techniques to nurture their brands. We understand that a relevant, well-positioned brand is one that is alive, impatient and determinedly moving forward through innovation in its offerings, experience, content, messaging and alignment with competitive brands.