Tomorrows thinking for todays brands.

We drive impact by connecting the dots between strategy and implementation. We combine a full range of growth metrics like marketing, innovation, digital and design. We use our deep analytical skills to make the right connection between consumer behavior and business demand.

Serving 360° communication needs for your brands internal and external needs. Our communication services include:

Customer Experience

Helping your business function as a transparent and efficient working machine, QMP looks to a structured analysis that helps your business grow. With the help of data analytics, predictive market analysis, we ensure your customer experience is not only consistent across your organisation but helps add value and a cutting edge experience to your enterprise.

Employee Engagement

Adding a sense of dedication, inspiration; ensuring every employee is committed and willing to garner the best results for their company, and for themselves. QMP over the years has found that employee engagement not only helps an organisation but affects the mind-set of its people; engaged employees believe and surely go onto make a stark difference in the organisation.


QMP is founded on independent thought and a ceremony of passionate people working towards the best of their abilities to provide you with the most creative work and optimum designs that help represent your brand best. Over time, we've helped cater to and create some the biggest brands in today's world.

Does your Brand tell the right story to your stakeholders?

We've mastered the art of brand building and worked with some of the top brands around the world by helping our clients discover innovative techniques to nurture their brands. We understand that a relevant, well-positioned brand is one that is alive, impatient and determinedly moving forward through innovation in its offerings, experience, content, messaging and alignment with competitive brands.